The End of the Age – Introduction

8 02 2017

By Matthew Calitz 8th February 2017

WARNING : This is not a short read…

This study is meant for those who earnestly desire to know Truth and will not settle for less, those who through diligent investigation will find it.

This series of blogs entitled ‘The End of the Age’ began as a weekend seminar on Biblical ‘End Times’, 7 lectures, each lecture approximately an hour and a half in length with approximately 30 power-point slides per lecture. I began organizing the material into a book, but the urgency to get the information more speedily broadcast has resulted in the blog posts that will follow.

The End of the Age blogs will include:

  • Introduction – includes an introductory overview of ‘Eschatology’ or Biblical ‘end times’ study, detailing the relevant portion of ‘time’ in future history, just prior to and including Christ’s return, which we will be focusing in on.
  • God’s Calendar – an explanation of Biblical Days, Months, Years and Ages in order to be able to calculate God’s time frame and better understand Apocalyptic and Prophetic literature.
  • God’s Big Picture – A timeline of the entire world history from creation to completion, and what the purpose of it all is and has been. Understanding the ‘Big Picture’ allows one to better interpret the more specific prophecies.
  • Rapture – Possibly one of the most contested topics of End times scholars, we therefore dedicate a whole chapter to effectively analyse the most Biblically defensible position.
  • Geopolitical Signs – World political wranglings and how they fit with Biblical prophecy. This will include an analysis of the ‘Beast’ of Revelation, the ‘False Prophet’ or ‘Antichrist’ and the ‘Red Dragon’ and who they might be.
  • Geophysical Signs – Global Warming, natural disasters, famines; the things that have always occurred, how can we know when they have Apocalyptic significance? This will include a look at the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Astronomical Signs – Possibly the most exciting chapter, the signs in the sky, the great significance of the astronomical events between the years 2012 and 2017 and the great significance of 2017. Not to be confused with Astrology, these are God’s messages to the world; remember the star of Bethlehem…
  • Religious signs – A study of the deceptions that Jesus warns of and how doctrinal error and Postmodern Humanism has crept into the Church facilitating these deceptions. This chapter will include an evaluation of the role of the ‘Harlot of Babylon’
  • Conclusion – What to do? Where to from here? What do we prepare for and how do we prepare?

Because this was intended to be a book the body of the blog will be comprised of PDF attachments written in a book format. Once I have completed the series and you have downloaded the PDF files, you will have a complete book of Eschatological gems, for free, which you are free to copy and distribute. If you do use any part of this work I ask only that the source be referenced so that I myself will not be accused of plagiarism of my own work in the future. I will post each chapter as I complete it thereby breaking the book into smaller digestible portions.

We persevere in study until we attain unity in Truth, all glory to God in the Highest.

For the body of the blog click  the-end-of-the-age-introduction




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